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Welcome to Imagine Flint, a site dedicated to engaging, updating and informing you on the implementation of the Master Plan.

Work continues on a variety of planning, policy and project implementation processes. The Flint Planning Commission approved a draft zoning code that aligns with the Imagine Flint future land use plan and the ordinance now heads to Flint City Council for adoption. The Flint Planning Commission also recently adopted an updated 5-year Capital Improvements Plan and has work across multiple City departments to develop Rebuild Flint the Right Way, an infrastructure guide for responding to the Flint Water Crisis that integrates the policies of the Imagine Flint plan. Additionally, the City launched the Imagine Flint Neighborhood Planning Initiative in 2016 that works with neighborhood groups to develop actionable plans with specific projects, ultimately producing a direction for neighborhood enhancement.    

To learn more about the work occurring in the City's Planning & Zoning office, contact us via email @