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Planning Commission Approval Process

Currently the Planning Commission is working on reviewing the draft zoning code article by article. When they have finished the review and their recommendations have been included they will vote on its approval. Once approved by the planning commission the code will then be presented to the City Council for their recommendations and adoption. 

The Master Plan Steering Committee has wrapped up its duties after 4.5 years of working to help develop and implement the Imagine Flint Master Plan. The Steering Committee spent the last year discussing the draft zoning code and has submitted broad policy recommendations to staff who then compiled the recommendations and staff responses to each recommendation into a summary document. The document was passed on to the Planning Commission for their consideration during the review process and you can download a copy of the document here

Planning Commission meetings are open to the public and occur on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Below you can find a summary of the discussion regarding the draft code during each meeting.

 Date‚Äč Articles Discussed               Commission Comments  Other Materials
3/14/17   - Download  
 1/10/17  9  Download  
12/13/16  9  Download  
 5/7/16 12-14,16-18  Download   
 4/26/16 10-11 Download  
 4/12/16 9 Download  
 3/22/16  9 Download   
 3/8/16 None  Other Commission business was addressed,
 will continue review process next meeting
 2/23/16 8 Download  
 2/9/16 1-7   Download  Presentation