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Although the Master Plan Steering Committee has concluded meeting, the past meeting agendas, minutes, and handouts can be found here

Capital Improvement Plan

Executive Summary

Steering Committee

The role of the Master Plan Steering Committee during the master planning process was to channel community resources to ensure the broadest community ownership of the Master Plan. With an adopted Master Plan in place, the Steering Committee continues to provide guidance to the Planning Commission during the implementation of the Master Plan. It is composed of twenty-one members that include representatives of community residents, the business community, neighborhood and faith-based organizations, Master Plan partners and stakeholders, at least one member of the City Council and two members of the Planning Commission and a student/youth representative. Each member was selected by a four person panel consisting of 2 co-chairs, a member of City Council, and the Mayor. All nine City of Flint wards are represented and the members reflect the social makeup of the City of Flint in its membership.

The responsibilities of the members are as follows:

- Hold meetings, while maintaining successful attendance (Two absence limit)        

- Provide recommendations to the Planning Commission on implementation-related planning areas such as the Capital Improvement Plan, Sub-Area Plans, Zoning Code, Executive summary, etc.

- Help plan the annual community engagement event to report on progress and receive input on the implementation of the Master Plan.

- Receive and review reports from Task Groups related to implementation of seven chapters of the Master Plan.

- Participate in other community outreach efforts related to implementation of the Master Plan.

After beginning their monthly meetings in 2011, the Master Plan Steering Committee held their final meeting in February of 2016.