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Published on Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Share Your Ideas

Mind Mixer - share ideas in a virtual town hall

A Master Plan is a policy document that provides a foundation for City decision-making on issues related to land use, development, community facilities, parks and open space, and much more. The process to create a new Master Plan for Flint has just begun. Use the Imagine Flint Mind Mixer to suggest ideas, second ideas you support, and leave feedback. We know that the success of this planning effort will depend on engaging our community.

What is the Imagine Flint Mind Mixer?

The Imagine Flint Mind Mixer is a fun way to submit your great ideas, help others improve their great ideas, and ultimately determine the best ideas for your community.

Too often, great community ideas are lost because residents don't know how or don't feel comfortable getting involved. The Imagine Flint Mind Mixer empowers people to improve their community, all from the convenience of their own home.

Who can join the community and submit ideas?

Anyone! The Imagine Flint Mind Mixer encourages anyone and everyone to join and submit their great ideas. The best ideas often come from unexpected sources. If you have access to an internet connection (we assume you do if you are reading this), join now and submit your ideas.

How much does it cost?

Access to the Imagine Flint Mind Mixer is free for everyone.

Why should I participate?

Community activism and involvement are attributes of sustainable communities. The Imagine Flint Mind Mixer allows you to be involved from the comfort of your own home, via the internet. Hopefully, this site motivates residents to take an idea and implement the idea on their own. This kind of informal action is the goal of the application and often the easiest form of community action to implement.

I don't have any great ideas, but I would like to participate. Is this possible?

Absolutely! First and foremost, everybody has great ideas about how to improve the community they live in and is encouraged to submit. However, while you think of those great ideas, help others improve their ideas. You can do this by providing feedback or “seconding” an idea. 

How do I participate?

Visit to participate in the Imagine Flint Mind Mixer.

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Author: Devin Lavigne

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