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Published on Monday, May 21, 2012

What does an economically strong flint mean to you

I was born and raised on the north side of Flint. The happiest times of my life! What I see now is too depressing for words. Left Flint to go to college in Texas, currently still a resident of Texas, but still have great concerns and love for that city that left me with such wonderful childhood memories. With that being said…..the biggest problem is the lack of concerned and responsible citizens that place value on their community. Why? They have left. Any responsible parent in a community first priority as a citizen is SAFETY. I would encourage Flint to place priority on the following things if they would like those responsible citizens and business’ to return.
1. Please hire more police officers to put away the drug dealers and vandals. No responsible citizen is going to want to raise their children in that environment…no way!! There should be at least one police officer for every 4 block radius. Send these vandals to jail!!!
2. Next on the list for responsible citizens and parents is SCHOOLS!!
The first question for any responsible citizen wanting to stay or move in an area is: What’s the quality of the schools? Most of the schools in Flint have been closed down.
Secure a safe environment for residents and better schools and they will maintain their investments because they care about their children and community. Business’s will return because these responsible citizens will need places to shop, eat, etc. Developers will want to develop vacant lots because of the needs of the community and profits.
Bottom line responsible citizens raising a family are not going to live in Flint because it is NOT a safe place to raise a family!
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Author: ImagineFlint

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