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Published on Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Economically Strong Means Economically TOGETHER

In order for Flint to be economically strong it means that property owners have to allow businesses to rent, lease, and buy their properties downtown. It means more small businesses providing useful and needed goods – clothes, food, recreational items.  It means larger regional and national business entering downtown to appeal to the thousands of college students.  It means strengthening the downtown so that it can start to finally feed the rest of the city.  It means strengthening neighborhoods and instilling a sense of ownership and investment in the city as a whole.  It means assisting, encouraging, and finding businesses not focused on alcohol sales and consumption to repopulate once abandoned areas.  It means listening to new ideas and aiding people with plans in finding ways to open their businesses.  It means giving meaningful reasons for local businesses to hire people locally when possible.  It means more effective security – with a reduced police force we must creatively find ways to secure properties so owners and patrons can feel they are not in danger at businesses.  It means partnering and publicizing the many events that come to Flint, great and small, and making sure people know about and attend them, as well as attracting other events to the area.  And it means accepting and understanding that the needs of the downtown and the outlying areas may not be the same but that the goals ARE the same.  There is no one path to making Flint economically strong but there are still a lot of people in this city that want to make this a safe, thriving city again, and they just need to feel their efforts are not wasted for the change to really begin.  Change the attitude and you begin to change the culture. 

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Author: ImagineFlint

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