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Published on Tuesday, May 08, 2012

An economically strong Flint will only exist when Flint has an enviroment that people want to live...

An economically strong Flint will only exist when Flint has an enviroment that people want to live in, and raise there families.

Kids need safe schools that are capable of giving the Children the attention they need for our future. Parents need to be able to work and feel that their kids are safe.

Neighborhoods need to be clean and safe we must be able to walk around in the City and not feel threatened. The killing that exist every night on the news has to stop. No business will ever want to locate here unless they fell it is a safe community. The economy in Flint can not improve with out the basic services required for Families and Businesses to locate here. A plan for a new Flint will not help with out the basic safety issues being addressed first. Where ever crime is businesses will leave and so will the residents. Crime must be eradicated completely before Flint will be able to build an economy that residents can work in. When the City becomes safe, the Citizens will want to live here the Businesses will want to locate here and the new economy will evolve. The new economy will require higher education, new energy solutions, and technology that can be used to creat a sustainable enviroment that is beautiful, safe, and productive. Once the basics exist then the development of the City will follow, parks will be safe, people will be able work, play and enjoy the City.

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Author: ImagineFlint

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