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Project Summary: The City of Flint and the Flint Housing Commission (FHC) have partnered to address the historic challenges facing the Atherton East public housing development and the surrounding community. The Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant helped the City and FHC develop the South Flint Community Plan (SFCP). SFCP is a detailed document outlining projects to implement the Master Plan in a targeted area. The SFCP planning process was community-driven and the final plan details strategies for Housing, Neighborhood and People. The Flint Housing Commission selected Norstar Development to complete the relocation of Atherton East. Funding for this will come from numerous sources. An application was submitted to HUD on November 20, 2017 and awarded to the City and FHC on July 6, 2018 for a $30 Million Implementation Grant to relocate Atherton East and improve education, safety, and economic outcomes for South Flint residents. Phase I development of the new Atherton East, Clark Commons  was awarded Low Income Housing Tax Credits by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and development will begin in early spring 2019.





Drafts & Public Engagement

Draft Zoning Code

Author: ImagineFlint

The Planning Department continues its work on a new draft Zoning Code to implement the Imagine Flint Land Use Plan. As with past master plan processes, the goal is to include many opportunities for the public to give input and gain understanding about the decisions being proposed. Ultimately, the code, will go before both the Planning Commission and City Council for formal adoption. One requirement of the City's Master Plan grant was for the development of a zoning code that is distinctly aligned with the Master Plan. A city's Zoning Code is the very device that drives implementation of the Master Plan and its approval is critical to master plan implementation.

Beginning later this month and continuing into the summer, staff will be hosting multiple events to connect with Flint residents and the community. One extremely unique opportunity we're eager to offer is a series of Flint Zoning Sessions in collaboration with the Michigan State University Extension Program. These sessions will be a series of four courses where participants will learn about specifics on the Flint draft code and also gain an understanding about how land use decisions are made. In addition, workshops, open houses, and public meetings will be hosted to gather input and inform community members on the importance of the Zoning Code and how it will be used to implement the City's innovative, Place-based Land Use Plan.

Staff is committed to looking towards residents for their insight and contributions in this community driven effort to build a better Flint. 

**Introductory session March 19th from 6-8 PM at GCCARD to discuss the basics of zoning and planning, while informing the public of Flint's new Zoning Code.

**Four zoning sessions to follow, which build onto the introduction and give residents specific insight and training as it relates to zoning in Flint. The dates and times for those meetings are as follows:

April 15, 6-8p.m. GCCARD

April 22, 6-8p.m. GCCARD

April 29, 6-8p.m. GCCARD

May 6, 6-8p.m. GCCARD

Space is limited, if interested, please complete THIS REGISTRATION FORM.

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A Year in Review

Imagine Flint Annual Update

Author: ImagineFlint

It has been one year since the adoption of the Imagine Flint master plan took place on October 28, 2013. Over the past year, we as the community have been hard at work to implement strategies and realize the visions of the Master Plan. As we look back on the progress that has been made, we know that this growth progress could not have been made possible if it were not for the overwhelming support and acceptance of the plan by Flint residents and community members. It is this support that makes Imagine Flint not just the City’s official master plan, but a true community vision for a better Flint.

In celebration of the hard work and achievements over the past year, the City, its residents, and community members came together once more on Wednesday January 7th to share an update of this progress that has occurred, and celebrate the successes 2014 has brought. The reception for this event, A Year in Review, was held at the Flint Institute of Arts, allowing attendees the opportunity to once again visit the world-class cultural facilities within our community. Individuals and groups were recognized for their contributions and support as a driving force for change in the community. Mayor Walling, Planning Commission Chair Wesley, Steering Committee co-chair Richardson, Department of Planning staff, provided updates on several topics, including the Capital improvement Plan, the Draft Zoning Code, implementation projects, and overall progress made during 2014.

The highlight of the evening however was a presentation from The Michigan Association of Planning, who showcased the efforts made over the course of the past three years in Flint. During this time, over 5,000 Flint residents and community members participated in over 300+ events and planning workshops, culminating with the unanimous approval and adoption of the City’s first official Master Plan since 1960. This unprecedented support and volunteerism from citizens was sure to not go unnoticed. MAP representatives formally awarded the City with a 2014 Planning Excellence Award in Civic Engagement, a competitive award process and one that truly distinguishes the Imagine Flint master planning process as inclusive, transparent and comprehensive.  

The Imagine Flint staff would like to thank all of those who attended this special celebration and update. As a tireless advocates for civic involvement and community engagement, we urge the Flint community to stay remain participants and leaders in the master planning process because, ‘together this is what’s possible.’ 

Thank You Flint Community!

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